Mom faces Wall Street bull

Can a finance Rookie like me, learn to trade Options ?


Learn how right here FREE! (I teach this college Adult Education course and at financial conferences.) Step-by-Step 15 easy lessons to guide you in making extra money trading stock options online. For Moms who can run a side hustle with everything else!

No credit card, no strings attached, no nothing; I just want to teach and empower all of us Moms to face down the Wall Street bull!

Paying it forward to you Mom, Barb

Just let me know below where to send it, and the link to the free lessons will be on its way to your inbox:

11 thoughts on “

    1. Gary,
      Finally figured out how to retrieve my comments! Thanks so much for the pat-on-the-back and encouragement.
      Hope you not only enjoy each week’s post, but also get some money-making option ideas.
      I’m sure you’re going full blast and doing great.
      Always the best,


    1. Jim,
      Thanks for your comment – Yep, Dads too can be empowered to face down the Wall Street bull(ies)
      and make money trading stock options!
      Learn how – just click on the FREE step-by-step lessons for rookies that I teach at a Las Vegas College
      at the end of each post and 15 lessons will be on their way to your Inbox.
      See you in the classroom!


  1. Thank you. I’m excited to learn ..I just got a Charles Schwab account. And installed apps for trading. I’m a mom of three.


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