Take a “Spin” in a Ford 2-Wheeler

Scooter History

Post Office carriers on scooters 100 years ago

Back in 1916, Post Office Carriers used motorized scooters. It took 100 years for scooters to catch back on. Bicycles and skateboards became more popular. In 1990 there was a scooter revolution when Razor introduced an aluminum kick scooter.

Ford Motor Company Acquisition

Now Ford Motor Co. (F) spent $80 Million to get into the electric scooter business by acquiring “Spin”. Easy to use – just find a scooter on the street (from a map of dots) – scam a QR code on the internet-locked scooter and you’re off on short trips up to 15 MPH for $3 – $4 a ride.

Scooter’s Mobility Future

Pushback from cities has been greater than expected, with concerns of riding/blocking sidewalks, vandalism, and the stationless scooters strewn all over properties. On the other hand, local officials are interested in electric scooters as a means of reducing congestion and offering an affordable option for lower-income residents. “Scooters are really helping people get around crowded downtowns and campuses”, business owners agree.

Ford was attracted to Spin partly because they worked with local officials for permissions and sharing data. Ford recognized that the long-term opportunity lay in a collaborative approach with city and campus partners. They’ve partnered with cities in establishing new regulations for micro-mobility, enforcement and sustainability.


General Motors have said they believe in “an all-electric future”, and are launching an electric bicycle. Mercedes Benz/Daimier AG has carved out a special mobility company, that includes a ride-hauling service and other smartphone-based apps for moving Moms around.

At the same time, Ford has been the most active car company by also rolling out other new services of “Chariot” and “Go-Ride”.

Mom’s Takeway Action

July 17, 2019: Ford Motor Company share price was $10.33 ARE YOU A BULL or BEAR ?

Wall Street bull and bear wrestling.

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On the other hand, Mom, if you think Ford is Bearish and will go down, try the Expiration September 20, 2019, PUT $10.00 Ask and $9.00 Bid strike prices (Long Put Vertical Spread) on http://TastyWorks.com – Premium is $.24 debit to pay.

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