Steaks Retaliate Against Beyond Meat

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The Frenzy

Everyone is jumping on (BYND), the plant-based meat that it will be the next big craze. Just like the cannabis and cryptocurrency frenzies that have seen significant losses. Not Beyond Meat though, it has gone from its IPO price of $25 per share to over $100, and then soared after its first quarterly report.


Beyond already landed Famous Dave’s (DAVE) and Chanticleer Holdings (BURG). More importantly, our beloved McDonalds (McD) expanded its partnership with Nestle from Germany to Israel, serving the “Big Vegan TS”, a Nestle soy-based burger substitute. Hamburgers worldwide are unhappy! Hot dogs, frankly, are nervous and pepperoni has stress-related heartburn.

And now, Beyond Meat is getting into beleaguered meal kit delivery service Blue Apron’s (APRN) kitchen to help beef-up their financial results. Purple Carrot already tried this and just sold out for on the cheap. Beyond Meat curiosity isn’t likely to be a winning strategy for APRN’s tattered financial apron.

Late news! Just this afternoon, BYND introduced a breakfast sausage sandwich with Dunkin Donuts. Sausage! You’ll have to wait – only in Manhattan for now.


There is “Impossible Burger” in over 5,700 restaurant and Burger Kings, with plans for a presence in grocery stores.

Conagra (CAG) has “Gardein”, a meat substitute brand identified vegan, kosher and gluton free. Conagra is highlighting expansion to its burger and sausage lines; a certain challenge to Beyond Meat.

Another formidable competitor is “Before the Butcher”, bought by Jensen Meat Company providing funds that “Before” can now quickly scale for its retail launch in 3,000 top grocery chains. There is also European contenders: “Moving Mountains” and “The Meatless Farms”.

Share Price

As the market begins to absorb Beyond Meat’s beefed-up breath-taking pace, competition has been emerging in the past several weeks. There will be battles for shelf space and in restaurant adoption and Beyond’s share price spikes may be short lived.

Mom’s Takeaway

Is Beyond Meat filling the public’s hunger for natural, organic food products, and concern over the impact of eating animals?? (Just asking) Sounds to me that it’s a food science project that is a lab grown, highly manipulated food-like substance. Wonder what my buddy Trader Joe thinks?

Holy Cow! Beyond Meat’s July 24, 2019 share price is $202.90 ! ARE YOU A BULL or BEAR ?

Wall Street bull and bear wrestling.

If you’re a Bullish Mom and think BYND will go up, try the November 15 Expiration CALL $200 Bid and $195 Ask strike prices – Long Call Vertical Spread on — Premium is $4.30 debit to pay.

On the other hand, Mom, if you think BYND is bearish and will go down, try the November 15 Expiration – PUT $200 Ask and $195 Bid strike prices – Long Put Vertical Spread on — Premium is $7.60 debit to pay.

What’s interesting is that there is hardly any Open Interest (calls or puts) for BYND in the monthly options. There’s a little more for the July 26 and August 16 weeklies – hmmm?

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