The Doctor is In at Best Buy!

Best Buy employees dancing

Best Buy (BBY) wants to be Seniors BFF in health care! Expanding into home healthcare technology, remote monitors and predictive wearables, Best Buy plans to help Seniors age at home by “Building the New Blue: Chapter Two.”

Healthcare by Acquisition

Best Buy historically known for growth without acquisition, started the healthcare push in 2018 by acquiring Great Call. Specializing in emergency-response devices for the aging, Great Call filled in the healthcare technology gaps.

Critical Signal Technologies, a provider of personal emergency response systems and telehealth monitoring for at-home Seniors.

The acquisition of BioSensics added predictive healthcare technology that drives innovation behind wearable sensor technology.

The three aquisitions also complement Best Buy’s Geek Squad team of 20,000 and their In-Home Advisors and home consulting services. They have also hired their own Chief Medical Officer.

Senior Technology Services

Senior couple dancing in Best Buy store.
  • Remote monitoring tracks chronic conditions to keep patients out of the hospital,
  • Special wireless scales for congestive heart failure,
  • Pendants to predict the risk of falling,
  • Sensors on refrigerators detect how often it’s being used to trigger if a Senior has not been eating.


Best Buy has succeeded in holding off competition from Amazon and others with the strength of retail visits to install home theaters and Smart home products with a statewide Geek Squad team that would be hard for rivals to replicate.

Mom’s Takeaway

Best Buy’s goal by tapping into an aging U.S. population, is to reach annual revenue of $50 Billion by 2025 from their $43 Billion in sales now. There will be 54 Million Seniors in 2023 and 90% of them want to stay at home. Best Buy is betting that the “New Blue” can fill that need. Wall Street is optimistic, with an average share price target around $74.

Are You a Bull or a Bear?

Wall Street Bull and Bear wrestling

September 28, 2019 – Stock:Best Buy(BBY) Share price closed @ $68.27

If you’re a Bullish Mom and think Best Buy will go up, try the January 17, 2020 Expiration Date – CALL $67.50 Bid;  and $65.00 Ask strike prices.  Premium is $1.70 (mid @$1.43 debit to pay = Long Call Vertical Spread on

On the other hand, Mom, if you think Best Buy is bearish and will go down, try the Expiration Date January 17, 2020 – PUT $67.50 Ask;  and $65.00 Bid strike prices. Premium is $1.20(mid @$1.05) debit to pay = Long Put Vertical Spread on

 Let’s empower all of us Moms and Dads to Face Down the Wall Street bull!

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