About Barb

Options trading online made easy class.

A Michigan/Las Vegas single Mom who started out boot-strapping an option trading account with $500 twenty years ago, and now with College of So. Nevada Adult Education Faculty teaching stock option trading.

A former Director of a Big-4 CPA firm and Judge for the State of Michigan; she’d rather be a coach than an umpire. Writer of numerous articles for professional journals and magazines, and author of a variety of books. Along the way, her spirit has stayed ahead of the curve with internet technology in trading stock options to make money.

When not sniffing out money-making stock options for her weekly “Hot Option Picks & Tips” or teaching, she can be found on her whiz-bang embroidery machine, and swapping YouTube videos or texting with her son and grandkids.

P.S If you would like all 15 step-by-step lessons “Learn Trading Options Online” FREE that I teach at the College – I’ll send you the link. Just let me know below where to send the link:

I’m looking forward to sharing your journey of empowerment learning to trade options; face down the Wall Street bull and make extra money -and take a look at my weekly “Hot Option Picks & Tips”

Let’s keep in touch, Barb

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Let's keep in touch, Barb

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